LeRoy Neiman at Franklin Bowles Gallery


No, not the Spock guy (Leonard Nimoy) as we intially mistakened, but LeRoy Neiman, a popular American artist celebrated his 90′th birthday at Franklin Bowles Gallery in SoHo.

In association with Concord Painting, Mitch hand painted this sign for the party using acrylic paint, which allows the gallery to easily transition to their next event.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

apl on Orchard


apl is a new bar and restaurant on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side (a neighborhood where we believe sit the highest concentration of our signs!). The interior was designed by Steve Lewis, a NYC party icon, while the wallpaper was taken from Shephard Fairey’s archives.

They wanted a “silver” sign so we gave them white gold leaf gilding through our not so secret favorite combination of matte and mirrored sheens. We recommended to add a decorative but subtle frosted film throughout the top windows, but because of the bright colors and patterns apl already has plenty of inside, the owners wanted to keep the exterior simpler. Maybe they’ll have a change of heart later.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Bowery Diner


Anticipating thousands of visitors flocking to the first annual Festival of Ideas by the New Museum, the owner of pizza joint, Motorino, found a convenient tactic to announce his upcoming restaurant situated right next door to the museum. Armed with white paint, okMitch executed the lettering work created by Laura Palese onto the temporary plywood, which is to be torn down late this summer.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011



The lovely sound designers from henryboy hired us to add gold leaf signage onto the door of their new DUMBO office, which is filled with lots of fun furniture, artwork and toys (some of them are for the coolest dog, Jackson).

Initially concerned the green painted outline would be too garish, we went through several different shades of green, with the client finally deciding upon an evergreen. We love the way it came out, especially the fact that the studio’s cuckoo clock icon doubles as a kind of peephole.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Erica Weiner


We just love how gold leaf gilding makes perfect sense for jewelry designers. One of our favorite in NYC jewelry, Erica Weiner, asked us to design her logo and create the signage for her new Soho storefront.

After several logo development rounds, Erica, whom admitted from the very beginning that she often ends up creating final designs herself, did indeed end up choosing a font for her logo. Some of our rejected logo ideas can be seen after the jump.

A mirrored finishing was used for the lettering, vintage ring image and building number. Although we usually recommend using matte with mirrored for the full effect of gold leafing, the owners wanted to keep the ornate areas within the logo empty. This resulted in making the signs stand out in another way - giving passersby little peeks into (and out of) the boutique.

The hanging metal sign became the finishing touch. Mitch cut the metal into a gemstone shape, distressed the entire fixture including the metal ball and bracket, and used “liquid gold” paint for the logo and border.

While she was making sure we didn’t rack up the parking tickets, Angel did a little shopping too. Check out what she got.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Top Hat


A unique import gift shop, Top Hat, quietly opened its doors this past winter. Looking to establish itself in the neighborhood, the owner wanted a hanging sign, which would reflect the old storefronts that continue to fade from the city. The painted name was distressed in subtle blue hues on found pieces of wood -finally announcing the store’s arrival and intention to stick around for awhile.



Stellina means little star. We painted a few of them for the new cafe and gelateria by the lovely ladies of Sorella restaurant on Allen and Delancey. The design and layout was led by super duo, Steven Jockisch and Anchalee Chambundabongse, whom requested signage that incorporated painted lettering and graphics with many, smaller white gold leaf gilded details. These 23k details mainly came in the form of tiny dots, forming diamond patterns around the shop’s offerings. Although these little guys nearly got the best of us, we are pleased they came out as well as they did.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

282 Burger


A new burger joint for Atlantic Ave. is two 8 two Bar and Burger. To class up this large window sign, we used matte and mirrored gold finishings with a semi-transparent red paint. These elements allow line to shine through from both sides during the day and night. Mitch needed a burger fix after working on this one.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Plum Pizzeria


Plum Pizzeria in the East Village needed a new logo as well as updated signage. The previous identity and channel letters were too modern for their classic image and tastes.

We tediously painted a subtle but detailed diamond patterned background onto the wood board. A gold painted border and lettering brought out desired elegant touches, while the burgundy accents were later added to draw the eye. Lastly, the sign was distressed to give it more of an “antique” look.

Based off of nineteenth century ornamentation, a more specific post about the logo is to come.

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Court Street Grocers


Writing this entry about Court Street Grocers is already making me hungry. It’s a great place to pick up a sandwich, coffee and adorable but yummy grocery items in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Now, the new store is even easier for folks to locate because of its recent hand painted sign. Matching the old school style of the grocery, is traditional and classic lettering. Mitch painted the facade’s sign using matte black and outlining with a glossy white. Coincidentally, these are also his two favorite colors to work with. The store’s identity was produced by Pentagram’s skilled designer, Joe Marianek.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Big Tree Bottles


A random but trendy strip in Bushwick and admist an industrial park is the artsy gentrified Bogart Street. Some months back we designed and painted a sandwich board, which advertises “Open for Boozeness”. It’s the motto for Big Tree Bottles, the block’s wine and liquor store.

More recently, okMitch repurposed the store’s logo (a wine bottle formed out of various images) into a more elaborate window sign and one that would match the a-frame board’s art deco motif. Along with this painted sign, Mitch painted important details like liquor license number, hours and open/close sign.

Check out the window and click see more.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

J. D. Fisk


J.D. Fisk is the new “brother” label to hip women’s shoe brand, Dolce Vita. For its LES boutique, art director, Nolan Cabeje, asked us to create a “weathered” look. The logo Nolan designed was perfect for this aged effect, as he constructed it to be imperfect. Debating between white gold leaf or paint (in a grey color scheme), the decision was made to stand out in a street already populated with gold leaf. Although we’ve distressed artwork before, this was our foray into doing it on glass. We love the way it turned out, giving the storefront some wrinkles, so to speak.

Nolan took the picture above as well as some gorgeous close ups after the jump.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

The CupcakeStop


Making the move from wheels to a brick and mortar, The CupcakeStop refined its previous logo to correspond with the classy and classic interior and storefront. Right before (and during) their (crazy) grand opening, we worked on the painted matte and mirrored white gold leaf. Needless to say, it was a delicious job to work on.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

NY Studio Factory


NY Studio Factory is a conglomeration of artists’ lofts or working spaces owned by a local artist and entrepreneur. We were commissioned to paint and change the previous graffiti logo to this updated version on the Bushwick rooftop. With the gorgeous Manhattan skyline as a backdrop, our new assistant, Brian, helped Mitch hand paint this sign during a brutal and icy day.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Percy’s Tavern


Formerly also known as Knife + Fork restaurant, this East Village staple, Percy’s Tavern, recently relocated to Ave A. The grayish white exterior along with square windows resulted too cold and shapeless for the owners’ tastes. We were tasked with creating a warmer and less boxy looking storefront while also providing increased privacy for diners. A transluscent gold vinyl was the chosen medium to arch around each window. Mitch cut a Celtic ornamentation on them to complement the interior design.

The Irish owners are naturally committed to Guinness beer, so in order to bring some color and personality to the windows, Mitch painted two vintage beer ads onto two panels. He also added decals of iconic Irish images, the harp and fiddle.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Fool’s Gold Records


We can’t really call it “fool’s gold”… the classic matte, mirrored and black gold leaf lettering on the soon to reopen Fool’s Gold Records’ office (and now store), shine day and night. As we often inform clients, mirrored gold leaf is perfect for day time as a magnet for the sun’s rays; while at night, matte gold leaf appears almost glow in the dark.

Not only was there good music to work to, but the work environment there was kept especially entertaining by Adam G, a talented jack of all trades and interior designer of the new retail space.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A. Turen


Formerly on Ludlow St., Ashley Turen has moved her Lower East Side boutique a couple of blocks away to a larger space on Stanton. Selling various designer pieces including her own line of hand painted metallic clothing and accessories, the colors of the exterior and interior were hand made to match. okMitch contributed to the metallic scheme with mirrored white gold lettering for the door and metal blade sign.

The metal sign was a move into new media for us, which was fun and now an available service! Mitch took a 2×3 piece of steel and rusted it over a week. Instead of paint, he applied white gold leaf to match the logo on the glass storefront. After the jump check out some of the iron guys we had to work with… including one which made a bracket not quite the way we asked. After that, Mitch decided to fabricate and paint his own.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

St. Kilda


Based in Park Slope, Brooklyn, St. Kilda produces lovely thoughtful jewelry, which is mostly influenced by nature and its animal kingdom. Since gold leaf is the ideal solution for a such a jewelry store’s signage, okMitch affixed their logo and building number using mirrored gold and classic, thin black outline.

An old plumbing sign that remains above the storefront and occasionally confuses passersby about the shop’s whereabouts or what it sells. So, in the designer, Nora’s, favorite colors of red and black we painted and installed a hanging wood sign to clearly mark the facade.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mary Queen of Scots


Mary Queen of Scots wasn’t just an eccentric lady ruler, but is also a new restaurant and bar. Situated on Allen and Delancey, it is run by true Scots, the same proprietors of Highlands in the West Village. For their storefront, we installed a mirrored gold leaf sign with 1/8 black outline in order to direct people to the restaurant, which is oddly missable at the bustling intersection. It shines brightly when the sun hits it just right. To the same large window, we also applied frosted vinyl and hand cut a simple design for added privacy from the busy streets.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jack’s Coffee @ Amagansett


One of our favorite clients is Jack of Jack’s Coffee because he’s a true admirer of signs.

We drove up real early to visit Jack and his new location at Amagansett Square, out in the Hamptons. Once the perfect shade of red was decided upon, the stir brew and Jack’s logos were painted onto the interior’s wood planks, subtly integrating a splash of color into the nautical white theme. After applying the building’s new shade of red lipstick, Mitch was eager to relax and surf but was not able to convince Jack to join him. He then had to endure getting his butt kicked by mother nature alone.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010