Abercrombie & Mitch


In efforts to maintain its perfect appearance, Abercrombie and Fitch’s flagship on 5th Ave. contacted us to redo the gold leaf sign on their front door.

Gilding itself is a multiphase and labor intensive process. Using white gold leaf, which doesn’t tarnish like silver leaf, Mitch recreated the brand’s intricate matte and mirrored sign with a 1/16 inch black painted outline.

It was a fun experience as this location is probably busier than their factory. We had to work around their hours but since the building’s security and workers are there 24/7, it was easy to gain access. Operating on an erratic schedule because gold leaf has its own clock, 9pm and coming back at 5am then 12am and 8am, Mitch toiled through the Puerto Rican parade and tourists banging down the door every 2 minutes before opening.

Trip across the Queensborough Bridge:


Viva Puerto Rico!



Don’t mess with the sign! For some strange reason, people didn’t understand they weren’t supposed to a work in process.




Thursday, June 17, 2010